Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Women’s Day

We’re celebrating International Women’s Day by spotlighting some of the talented partnerships professionals in our group.

The technology industry has long benefitted from women’s contributions that aren’t highlighted enough. This year, we wanted to increase our emphasis on supporting women in partnerships.

We started by rolling out our new Women in Partnerships group, designed to give women in the industry a space where they feel comfortable discussing experiences, asking questions, and sharing new ideas. In tandem, we’ve rolled out a new Women in Partnership spotlight series so that we could showcase all the outstanding professionals in our group.

Explore some of the key takeaways from our interviews so far below, and be sure to click through to read the full features!

Partnerships is still a relatively young industry. In her interview, Joni Deus highlighted how anyone can have an impact. As a woman in partnerships, look to make your mark on the industry!

It can be hard to picture yourself in environments where there aren’t people who look like you. Growing up with a mother as a female executive, Christen never had that problem. Christen Luciano explored the benefits of having female mentors and women-centric groups to turn to when you need support.

Imposter syndrome surfaces for all of us at some point or another. Adrienne Coburn shared that it used to take over a significant part of her life, to the point where she wouldn’t feel comfortable taking days off. In her interview, Adrienne shared the framework that has helped her minimize and work through her imposter syndrome.

Sam Yarborough also highlighted how women can be afraid to ask for help out of fear that it shows vulnerability. As a new mom in the workplace, Sam shared that having other women you can reach out to for support is so beneficial.

In her spotlight, Austin McMichael explored how much opportunity there is to impact the industry for the better. Notably, she shared that young professionals starting their careers should be open-minded about roles, and not just hole themselves into one area like marketing.

Bridget Graf shared an interesting perspective for how she approaches her gender as a woman in partnerships. In her experience, she’s found that by focusing on her gender, she gets self-conscious. Explore how Bridget has shifted her perspective in her spotlight.

Sometimes, we can be our own biggest obstacle. Gloria Castillo shared that was the case in her career whenever she would start a new job or explore a new field. In her interview, Gloria shared how she’s worked on building her confidence and excelling in partnerships.

Kristin Hagan discussed how increasing her self-awareness has been a game-changer for her career. Feedback won’t always be delivered kindly, but you should always appreciate it and consider how you can apply it forward.

Our Challenge for the Industry

Women have made a huge impact on the partnerships industry and will continue to shape the future of this vertical. We encourage all women in partnerships to speak up and own their unique value! You’ve got a powerful perspective to bring to the table.

We challenge all professionals to look for more opportunities to uplift powerful women and make their voices heard.

Each Thursday we highlight a member from the Women in Partnerships group to share their experience in the industry and advice for others. Know an awesome woman in partnerships we should highlight? Let us know!

Dig deeper into the career journeys of impactful ladies in the industry when you download Powerful Women in Partnerships. You can also be inspired by more powerful women in the industry in all of our Women in Partnerships spotlights.

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