Hannah Jermy

How to Use Airtable for Effective Partner Management

Managing partnerships can be a real headache. Keeping track of data, automating workflows, and gaining insights all take time and effort. With Airtable, you can build customized partner programs, streamline your processes, and get the insights you need.  But how? This guide will show you best practices when leveraging Airtable to make partnership management easier […]

Top Six Activities to Maximize Your Partnership Conference Experience

Going to a partnership conference can really boost your career and your company’s growth. These events are packed with chances to meet industry leaders, learn new skills, and make valuable connections. Whether you want to find new revenue opportunities or get tips to improve your programs, the right conference can be a huge help. Take […]

Understanding the Operational Flow of CPPO Deals

Channel Partner Private Offers (CPPO) play a significant role today, especially for AWS Marketplace users. If you’re an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or a channel partner, knowing how to handle CPPO deals can make your life much easier.  This blog breaks down the key steps and tips for managing these offers, focusing on handling order […]

How to Show Executives the Real Value of Partnerships

Partnerships are crucial for business growth, but explaining their value to executives can be challenging. This post aims to equip partnership leaders with effective strategies for communicating the benefits of partnerships to their executive teams. For more in-depth sessions and hands-on workshops, head to Catalyst in August. Understanding the Executive Perspective Executives focus on ROI, […]

Balancing Career and Family as a Woman in Partnerships

As women continue to break barriers and take on leadership roles across various industries, how to juggle professional ambitions and personal responsibilities becomes increasingly relevant.  This blog explores the experiences of women leaders who navigate these complexities daily. Drawing from candid conversations, we delve into the sources of inspiration that drive these women, the resilience […]

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