Apparently, Fall is Here!: PL;DR 8/27

Apparently, Fall is Here!: PL;DR 8/27

Discover the latest in tech and investment news with the PL;DR from Partnership Leaders.

How are your Q3 goals coming along? We can’t believe next week is September, yet Starbucks seems to be pushing us into fall already, having launched their Pumpkin Spice Latte this week.

Before we know it, we’ll be knee-deep into 2022 planning — maybe you already are! To distract you from the uncontrollable passing of time, we have some tech news you should care about, new jobs you’ll want to apply for, and more…

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Postman Becomes the Highest Valued Indian Startup

This startup was recently valued at more than $5 billion. Read the full story and check out other recent investments.

Shopify Partners with TikTok

This new update means you won’t have to leave the app at all anymore. Explore the powerful partnership.

Find Your Next Role WFH

working from home

The pandemic has pushed the hunt for remote jobs up nearly 5x. There is a surplus of reasons people are looking for remote jobs, staying safe from COVID obviously being a key concern. Additional factors include not wanting to pay exorbitant childcare costs and enjoying a sweatpants-only wardrobe.

Looking for a new position? Check out these recent remote roles shared in our community:

Other News We’re Watching

  • Now you can eat squares — If the world hasn’t seemed dystopian enough the past eighteen months, now you can get your nourishment from squares, which come in a variety of flavors like beef, asparagus, and chicken.
  • Popcorn introduces short-form videos for the workplace — In lieu of Zoom calls, emails, and Slack messages, Popcorn wants to make it easy for you to share quick videos with your teammates. How would you use this tool?
  • Musk introduces the Tesla Bot — Musk is back with more tech we never asked for! This time, he’s introduced a humanoid robot that runs on the same AI as Tesla vehicles.
  • Google Workspace autofill suggestions take on Google Sheets — Spreadsheets not your strong suit? Google wants to make it easier for you with their new autofill formula suggestions. Now your Q4 planning will be even easier!

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