Accenture Announces Q2 Earnings

Accenture Announces Q2 Earnings

We're exploring some of the key takeaways from Accenture's Q2 earnings report.


Accenture is based out of Ireland, to-be-sure, but Irish they ain’t. They began their life as the business and consulting arm of US accounting firm Arthur Anderson when GE asked them to install a computer and printer in the early 1950’s – and have been doing the tech dirty work of enterprise companies ever since.  

In 2001 ‘Anderson Consulting’ adopted the name Accenture, derived from ‘Accent on the Future’. That same year they went public with a market cap of $25.19BN. Fast forward to the present day and they have a market cap of $176.54BN – so let’s talk about some of the notable takeaways from their Q2 2021 earnings.  

  • Accenture had $16BN in new bookings last quarter, up from 10% last year. That’s a whole lot of synergy! 
  • Accenture Technology, the part we all hope adopts and sells our products, has experienced high double-digit growth. Great news food all of you SI partnerships people. 
  • The Cloud and Security divisions were particularly drivers of the strong Technology performance as enterprise companies continue to ingest and activate more data.
  • The ‘Strategy & Consulting’ business experienced a high single-digit decline in business, this has been an ongoing trend for Accenture as companies bring expertise in-house. 
  • They saw 14% growth in the Healthcare & Public Services sector, likely because Accenture is the first to pick up the Batphone when you have 300MM vaccines to distribute. 

Like all of you, we’re still waiting for Accenture to finally send us a lead after a decade of going to their office to do product demos and lunch & learns. If you figure that one out before us, let us know!

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