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If we had a dollar for every time someone said “we can’t believe it’s March” we might be able to buy some GME… depending on the time of day. 

It’s officially been a year since many of you abandoned your poor office plants and had to learn how to make coffee and buy sparkling water. But, with 18.4% of the USA vaccinated, cases going down, coasts warming up, and NYC movie theatres opening up… we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Cue our fear of pants, bras, and haircuts. 

Although many of us didn’t leave the house much, plenty has changed outside. As you emerge safely from your office/bedroom hybrid, we can show you some things that changed during those 600 Netflix episodes. 

Say Hello to Inflation

What do cigarettes, prescription drugs, and landline fees have in common? They’re all on the Consumer Price Index. Dig into the latest frothy markets and why salads cost $30 on Uber Eats.

Look What We’ve Done!

Are you ready for the inevitable robot takeover? We won’t be able to stop it now

From Coastal Boom City to a Zoom Town Near You

The pandemic has changed a lot — how we work, what we wear, and now where we live!

Happy Women’s History Month!

Womens Month

This week, we celebrated International Women’s Day, and we look forward to continuing to celebrate! We couldn’t do anything here at The PL;DR without the awesome women steering the ship.

Thanks for all you do!

Other News We’re Watching

  • Try this tool to take back your time â€” We found a better (easier) way to build slide decks with beautiful.ai. We just need one for newsletters. 
  • Another partnerships success story â€” Earlier this month, Procore filed for an IPO. Initially filing at $100M, we expect that number to continue to grow significantly. After launching back in 2002, Procore established its app marketplace in 2016 and has experienced exponential growth since.
  • Tunes to kickstart the weekend â€” If you’re counting down the seconds until you can relocate from your bedroom/office to the living room for the weekend, we’ve got just the playlist for you.
  • Partnerships with a side of chips and guac â€” This week’s unexpected partnership: beauty brand, e.l.f., dropped a spicy new line with Chipotle. Explore the line here, which comes with a coupon for free chips and guac with purchase.

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