Startups Eh?: PL;DR 5/28

Startups Eh?: PL;DR 5/28

Discover the latest in tech and investment news with the PL;DR from Partnership Leaders.

While most of America was preparing to travel over Memorial Day, many Canadians spent their “Victoria Day” Long Week (Often referred to as ‘May 24’ after a case of bubbly suds) locked down watching NHL Playoffs and Crypto Crashes from the safety of their homes while the country catches up on vaccinations.

And we know that Drake, Bieber, Seth Rogan, and other friends up north are big PL;DR fans, so we thought we would check in on what’s happening north of the border. 

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Shopify and Google Partner Better than Cheese Curds, Gravy, and Fries

If you can’t beat them, partner with them! Check out this epic-sized partnership between Google & Shopify.

Toronto in Search of Avocado Toast

Discover how the incredibly hipster Toronto has built a strong startup and technology scene.

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