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Tokyo Chapter

The Tokyo chapter represents the thriving centre of the partnership community in this economic hub of Japan with some of the largest technology companies in the world being a part of this chapter.

Chapter Hosts

Chief Partner Officer at Adobe
Ryan Jackson

Partner Success Manager at Box

Next Meetup

Strategies To Create And Implement Joint Value Prop With Partners

The session focuses on the practical aspects of creating joint value proposition with partners and how to successfully implement this unique motion for customer retention and revenue growth.

Simplified Partner Prioritization

Need help determining which partnerships to focus on? Learn a pragmatic three-step framework for segmenting your partnerships in a way that delivers much needed quick wins while also affording time for long term strategic partnerships that can be transformational for your organization.

Highly Converting Partner Qualification Meetings

You’ve done the hard yards: you have internal buy-in, a validated Ideal Partner Profile, and Partner/Market Fit. It’s time to execute! But how do you ensure your hard work isn’t wasted by bombing Partner Qualification Meetings? During this roundtable, led by Alex Hill, Partnerships Leader at Nevis Security, we’ll hear best practices from over 10 years in Enterprise Sales on running engaged, highly converting Partner Qualification meetings to build a thriving portfolio of Partners. Join this roundtable discussion to share your own best practices in overcoming common challenges with PLs from other industries and learn a few things while you’re at it. Let’s go.

How to partner for success in the Indian SMB segment

The session focuses on the importance and relevance of Indian SMBs, their appetite for IT software and services, and how it contributes to a compelling growth story. Why is it time for a change in the ‘narrative,’ with channels and partnerships becoming more crucial?

Navigating Challenges of Emerging Partnership Leaders, Fireside Chat with Tai Rattigan

The discussion will focus on emerging partnership leaders and how they can demonstrate and communicate the value of partnerships. This includes building internal interest and commitment from management to garner more support for their initiatives. Tai Rattigan will share his experience building partner organizations at Optimizely, Amplitude Analytics, Deel, and others.

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